To water

To water

Blue is good. And not only in the summer. In today’s article I will show you four interesting polishes that will go nicely with water surface.

China Glaze Rain dance the night away. I bought this polish on e-shop It usually goes for $9 but on sale it could go for as low as $2 which is pretty good price. Volume of this polish is 15 ml, almost like all of polishes from this brand.

Very bright blue colour which fits the summer nicely, I think. I would compare it to clean water in a pool. I am no expert on neon polishes but I would say this looks almost neon-y.

It looks gorgeous on nails and it does an effect of gel polishes a little bit.

Trend it up Metallic dust 20. My favourite one of this article. This collection is not in stores anymore. You could have seen its brothers, shades number 50 and 40 in this article. I fell in love with this collection mainly because of the resultant effect. It looks a bit like a mirror on this photo.

Just two coats and it looks pretty nice. Polishes from Trend it up don’t seem to be so amazing in bottles on the first sight but when you see them on nails, they look beautiful. Probably before every time I buy new polish, I look up swatches of that particular polish on the internet. Hopefully, you do the same and these photos can help you with deciding.

Do you have any polish from this collection? Do you like it?

Max Factor Glossfinity Celestial blue. A little unusual brand in my collection. I was skeptical about polishes from this brand but when I saw this one in sale (I never buy polishes in full price :D), I had to have it. It is that bright blue like a blue sky with gentle nacre. That nacre takes it to the next level.

It looks very tenderly on my hands. The polishing was suprisingly easy, consistency was a little bit thick but nothing bad. It didn’t make crusts. It covers very well and I rate it very positively.

Maybe I will have a look on other shades from this collection. I necessarily need for example crimson polish with golden glitter, do you have some tip?

What do you say? Do you have some polish from this brand?

OPI Polly want a lacquer? I bought that through vinted. I was looking forward to it because it looked beautifully on swatches that I found. But it disappointed me.

Unfortunately I don’t know how long did the lady had it near radiator or if it is normal in this collection, but this polish is just awful. It is very thick, it makes crusts and it highlights every unevenness on your nails. And after polishing, bubbles start to appear in the polish.

It is possible that this is just an old one and if you buy it now as a new one, it will be alright.

You can see the texture of this polish very well.

And that is all swatches for today. But you can look forward for an article about yellow polishes.

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