Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com V.

Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com V.

Welcome to next article about the opening package from e-shop BornPrettyStore.com 🙂 Today I will show you 3productsy, which I used for some original and untraditional nail designs.

As always, I will start with the nail polish. The polish is gold, linear holographic – beautiful. On the photo, you can see, how gorgeous it is. And in real life even better. The bottle has 10ml and it is the practical rectangle shape. The brush is wide, so for me ideal. And how does it look on my nails?

I have no words. The colour is absolutely stunning. It looks good without the sun too but in the sun it looks just TOP! ♥ If you like this polish – and I bet the answer is yes – you can find it here

And because the gold colour and Aztec patterns are gorgeous together, I had to connect them too. They are just beautiful together, don’t you think? 🙂 I really like the plate, it is full of patterns you can use anywhere. Geometric motives are just handy.

And because my cousin’s daughter wanted some pretty nails too, I cannot say no to her 🙂 It was kinda fun to polish her tiny nails…

The plate you can find here – I definitely recommend to try it 🙂

And lastly, I play a little on my toes 😀 I am really happy this design was actually so popular on my instagram and also my friends really like it 🙂

I am sure this design is not suitable for everyone but you know me… I like every kind of weirdness. These are just a few patterns you can find on the plate. It is full of cute dinos. So I tried to make different at least 2 nails. I decided for sweet pink and violet combination. Personally, I really love this design and I hope you like it too 🙂

The plate you can find here

I hope you liked my nails with those fine products and you will also buy some of them 🙂 If so, don’t forget to use our code MABX31 to get 10% off.


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