Peeling nail polish with a chameleon effect Ators

Peeling nail polish with a chameleon effect Ators

Peeling, chameleon effect, holographic. All in one nail polish. Does it work? To tell the truth, not much. I could also describe how expensive and thick it is. Nail polish from brand Ators was given to me by e-shop and this time I wasn’t satisfied. I own really similiar polish named Témix which you could have seen in this post and Šarlota owns the same one as me but in a different shade which could have been seen in this post. Blue variant appeals to me more. If you didn’t read the post or you just want to have a look at the bottle, go have a look here.

As I mentione in unboxing article, the polish is 16 ml which is a lot. It is quite thick and it stretches like a glue. The polish isn’t without a smell (as it everytime with water-based polishes), I can smell something in there, but it is not as significant as with usual polishes.

I already knew in how many coats the polish will cover. I wanted to try its peeling off ability, so polishing on a black base coat didn’t come into consideration.

The polishing with it was great, it didn’t leak anywhere and didn’t make crusts. There is four coats on my nails in the pictures, it didn’t took so long because the polish was drying pretty quickly.

Under artificial lighting, you can see a purple colour with interesting green reflections. Here and there you can see a miniature glitters which shine holographically.

The polish can be found under ID 22981 or on this link.

On the sun the reflections are more golden. This looks better to me than the green one.

The polish doesn’t have totally smooth finish, apparently because of the holographic glitter. A top coat would definitely reduce that.

Right when I was shooting the nails above flowers, a butterfly flew in. I was really lucky. The butterfly is Old World swallowtail.

This time I did an endurance test. The polish didn’t hold up for 12 hours, after a shower, the ends started to peel off. Luckily it was easy to peel off the rest.

Because I already knew that the polish can not withstand much, I didn’t waste my time with a complex design. I used a motive from plate BPL-60 (ID 39483, link) and a silver stamping polish from Nani Nails.

You can see how translucent the polish was opposite the sun. It looks pretty funny 😀

My final rating is that I wouldn’t recommend it. It costs a lot of money, the colour isn’t that great and it doesn’t withstand that much. The only reason to buy it is if you have a little daughter or little related and you don’t want her to wear ordinary “toxic” nail polishes. And it could be used for a wedding or a birthday party.

If you want to buy something from e-shop, don’t forget to use our 10% off code MABX31.

What is your opinion on this polish? Have you tried some peeling off polish?


One thought on “Peeling nail polish with a chameleon effect Ators

  1. The nail polish looks so good. I’m not fun of shimmer but I wear them on a special occasion but this one I can actually say I can wear as an everyday nail polish. However, the quality is disappointing, I was eager to try after I read how it fast it started to chip.

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