Mega win from Essence! – Lip Gloss Station

Mega win from Essence! – Lip Gloss Station

Hello, this article will be a little different. It won’t be about nails but lips 👄 And why am I actually writing it on this nail blog? Because this win is just amazing and it is also from our the most favourite nail brand – Essence. So let’s take a look at what I won.

I am sorry for the mess on my table but this is the only photo of the large box I have. I was too impatient for its content. You can compare how was this box big against my monitor 😄 Well, I won’t be mean and I will finally show you, what was inside.

For specification, I won the Essence lip gloss station on the Facebook page of Essence cosmetics.  In the competition, you post the picture with all your Essence cosmetic. I won with this photography you can see below.

Well, I really have a lot of it 😄 I just love Essence because of its nail products. So the cabinet you could see on the first, three-part photo (1. as it arrived, 2. you can see you can put photos behind the strings (or cards, I found in the cabinet, as I did) and the 3. photo is cabinet after I decorated the doors with the cute stickers I found In the cabinet too.), is really big (something about 40x40x17).

And here you can see the inside of the cabinet and its content. The cabinet contains 13 lip glosses, cosmetic bag with a little lip-shaped mirror, smartphone holder, round mirror and the sharpie (actually, I don’t get this one but markers are useful😄👍). The cabinet is primary on the wall but I don’t have enough space on walls in my room, I put it on my shelf.

Here you can see the remaining content of the cabinet. 4 cards, one sheet of cute stickers, instructions and a nice letter.

Next, the cosmetic bag I was talking about before. Really pretty with useful mirror. The size is just right for lip glosses.

The layout of the cabinet is following. upper shelf with lip glosses – the number of holes 26 (2 lines). And the lower shelf contains big and small box plus smartphone holder. Well, I think this holder is useless and that’s why I made an eyeshadow holder from it 😄

The back wall of the whole cabinet has a beautiful wallpaper with hearts and cute messages and pictures. Also, if some of you know for what are those two cylinders, I will be glad if you tell me. I used them as the brush and mascara holder.

And here you can see how I organised things inside. Also, I stick two stickers near to the mirror and one on the wall in the upper shelf, next to the lip glosses 😊

Now for the fun part, lip glosses. So, the number is 13 and the colours are either light or expressive. This set contains 2 transparent lip glosses. All of them has a beautiful smell and they are really nice on the lips.

I will show you swatches either on my hand with the names or my lips. I would like to say sorry before if there is some beauty guru 😄 As you probably know, I care more about my nails than face, so if there will be some imperfections after apply on my lips – I am sorry 😄

So as you can see, I have to shot it with my nails 😄 And under my nails, there are swatches of all the lip glosses and their names. I didnť include the transparent ones on my hand…

And my last picture is of my lips. There are 12 pictures – one transparent gloss include. It is the same order as on my hand, so the first one is transparent. So, how do you like them? 😊 Personally, I really like on my shades 07, 09 and 12.


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