Limited edition Essence – “I want candy”

Limited edition Essence – “I want candy”

What is this collection? Don’t you know it? Well, I absolutely understand! This collection you cannot buy in the Czech Republic for now. And where did I get it? Again, luck wish to me and I won it with another 14 people on facebook page of Essence 🙂 I am so happy  ♥

This is how the win came to me 🙂 Traditionally with the letter from Essence. Inside, there were 13 products from this beautiful edition:

  • blush brush – 01 lovely lolly looks for love
  • toilet water with peach scent – 01 s’ peach & splash!
  • hair brush – 01 i put cola in my hairs, like i just don’t care
  • nail scrub – 01 sweet sugar shock
  • eye shadows – 01 i don’t care, i lolly!
  • blush – 01 i want it all!
  • lip gloss palette
  • nail stickers – 01 i want it all!
  • eye liner – lolly dots eyeliner
  • nail polishes
    • 01 i want strawberry!
    • 02 i want cola!
    • 03 i want water melon!
    • 04 i want peach (to coat)


I don’t have to tell you, the biggest pleasure for me are the polishes. I like them all which is very untraditional. The colours are really fresh and happy. Just for summer. The most, I like probably the pink. It’s a pity they are in mini 5ml bottles. I will do an extra article with swatches of those beauties 🙂 For now, I will show them to you at least on the fake nails.

I recommend smelling the polishes after they dry. I, of course, smelt the bottle and if I wasn’t used to this smell I would be probably K.O. 😀 So, be careful. The pink one smells the most I would say.

Next, I was very happy from nail scrub. I can’t wait to try it out. On the label, it says it should smell like strawberry (well, I am not sure about strawberry, but it smells gorgeous 😀 ) and it also helps to remove some dirt and polish residues from the nail. And then I am excited from the nail stickers – I don’t smell anything from them but they should smell 😀 You can find here lot of candy, fruit and lollypops, yummy!

Blush and lush brush. Products, I have never used before 😀 However I will probably start by now. The brush is the only one product without any smell. But who cares? What I quite don’t like are some messy bristles around. But honestly, I won’t be using it that often, so I really don’t care. Even so, I don’t understand makeup 😀 The main thing is the blush smells amazing. It contains 2 shades of shiny pearls. Beautiful…

Other products are the hair brush and the toilet water. The water smells like a peach but it won’t last for a long time. But you have 100ml of it, so you can use it often. On the label, they said if you put it in the fridge, it will smell even more. But I am not sure about that and I won’t try it 😀 The hair brush should smell like a cola and it has cute colourful balls on the bristles. On its back, there is a little mirror- very handy 🙂

And last 3 products from the package. Eye shadows with pink, purple, nude and white shades – again with a strawberry smell. Although the pigmentation is not the best :/ Next, the eyeliner pen. By what is this pen special? It doesn’t have a classic point but it has 3 balls, so you can do both lines and dots. Really interesting 🙂

And the last one, lip gloss palette with 4 shades – predominantly shades of pink. It contains double sided applicator and a mirror. It is cute, playful and again with a really nice smell. This is the only product from the collection without the name. Pigmentation is very soft and they are pleasant on the lips 🙂

How do you like this collection? Will you buy something from it? ♥


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