Glorious package from Naninails

Glorious package from Naninails

Hello, today I will show you the package I received from 🙂 There were 2 beautiful sand polishes from new collection Color line, breathtaking holographic water decals and glow in the dark powder.

First, I will show you the polishes. Those are shades 112 (light pink) and 121 (white, something like the Pearl). Polishes are really light and soft. It is quite unusual for me. I just want some change and try something little different than normal. Their consistency is very good and the brushes are wider, so the application is more comfortable. Elegant matte bottles are classic 15ml with little see-through window, so you can see the polish itself.

I made swatches on fake nails and I am very satisfied. I applied 2 coats from each and I really like them. How about you? 🙂 The sand effect is pleasant for a touch and I am looking forward until I will have them on my nails 🙂

Next, I found this beautiful surprise in the package. Originally I picked us some blue ones with waves on them. But those were sold out in the shop, so they sent me those. Well, no complain, they are amazing 😍 I only hope I won’t have some issues with them like with the monkeys 😀 That would be really bad. For sure, I will dip in the water the letters and number first, so so I damage this instead of the water decals. Well, I didn’t find any foil on them and I tried really hard. So wish me luck 😀

Last but not least is this glow in the dark powder. Well, I am quite addicted to glowing things in the nail art section 😀 I always have to have it and try it. And I was really surprised by this powder. It glows strong and for a quite log time. However, I will have to practise more the application because I quite messed up on the fake nail 😀 And of course I started to do it with regular polishes and after I read on their page you have to put it in gel polish 😀 I did it but after like 2 trials with the regular polish so it looks pretty bad on the fake nail.

Photo you are waiting for. I have to point out there is no filtres or effects. The photo is just cropped. I took this powder to the bathroom and closed the door, so there was completely dark as you can see. I am enormously hyped for this powder 🙂 I just hope it will end up prettier than on the fake nail… 😀

Do you like mine package? What would you try first? 🙂


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