Trend it up Holo dimension 020,030, S-he Perfec metallics 120

Trend it up Holo dimension 020,030, S-he Perfec metallics 120

Hi! Do you Trend it up? Maybe you, who have DM in their country, yes. You can buy it in Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovakia etc., in Europe. If you are not from Europe, you can try some e-shops. In Czech republic it is a new brand. I wanted for a long time nail polish from Holo Dimension, because of the word “holo” in the name. When I was shopping in pharmacy I noticed that S-he has changed their nail polishes and packaging. I bought a nail polish from S-he Perfect Metallics 120, I thought that it was nail polish from Trend it up, but only with another name. The pictures of nail polish on internet looks a little bit similar. It was suprise for me when I heard that there is a “genuine Trend it up”. After a few days, rack with this cosmetic showed in DM and I was excited. But only until I realized that it isn’t holographic. The effect is more duochrome, the reflection is another color. The second nail polish from Trend it up I “won” in DM scout (I’m not sure what name is it in another coutries). From time to time you can “win” new products, they send it to you for free, you just must fill the questionnaire how satisfied you were with the product.

I like the shapes of the bottles, it will be nice stack of them. On the cap is logo Trend it up. I’m disappointed because of the names of the nail polish. 020, what is it? They should use the potential and name them like Essence.
On this photo you can notice the effects of the nail polishes. The first one is 030 and has purple reflection, 120 S-he has red and 020 has blue-green. I haven’t had much time to try them on my nails but you can look forward for review in another article about coverage, brush, density etc.
 Here you can see
Here you can see effort of taking a photo of details of the polish. These shades are bad for taking photos. At the pharmacy you can choose from 3-4 similar colors. But they have effect like this.

With the DM scout I recieved this samples. Make-up from Astor and eau de toilette from Playboy. They wanted to propitiate me because the package had a few days delay. But I’m glad I recieved it.   That’s all for this article and I hope I lure you to shop for these beautiful nail polishes.


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