Tips how to wrap a nail polish as a gift + printable tags

Tips how to wrap a nail polish as a gift + printable tags

Are you going to give someone nail polish as a gift? And don’t know how to wrap it? So you are right here! Today I’m going to show you some ideas and nail themed tags for printing.

Nail polish doesn’t have a good shape for wrapping, it has curves and different sizes of the bottle and the cap. So how to wrap it so it would look good? First thing, which flows to mind, is to wrap it in the cellophane. If you don’t mind that the giften person will see what is inside. There are also premade bags like on the photo. You just tie it up with a bow and it’s done. For better effect, you can put decorative stones, feather or anything what you want inside.

Another idea but a little bit tricky is to wrap it as a candy. I recommend usinf wrapping foil than wrapping paper. First you cut the piece you need, to the middle you put nail polish and wrap it. The ends just tie up with bows. I used holographic foil so it lights up a little bit under the tree 😊.

Simple but effective. Just put the polish into a mini bag! Or you can buy bigger if you are buying more than one polish. Cloth bag is really fast too, you just put the polish in it and it’s done.

If you would like something more creative, here are ideas for you:

1. Use a roll from toilet paper. On internet you can find a lot of tutorials how to do beautiful box from it. You must bend it on right places, paint it with favourite colour and decore it with bows. Nail polish will fit in, I hope.
2. If you like the idea before but don’t want to use the roll, you can buy foldable boxes. They are really cute and really easy to fold.
3. Inside the baloon! Put the nail polish in uninflated baloon and after that just bloat it. If you can get somewhere helium, just do it.
4. Like a character. If you gift it to your little sister, you can decorate the bottle as her or her favourite princess. You just glue up eyes, mouth from the paper and you can do hair from the bast.
5. If you gift a lot of nail polishes at once you can buy bigger box, you litter the box with paper and put inside the nail polish.

We love simple and beautiful ideas for wrapping, we decided to make a collection of nail themed tags for presents! You can download it HERE.

You can print the tags on colorful paper.
And here are the photos of how the tags look with the nail polishes.
Will you use some our ideas? How wrapped would you like to recieve a nail polish? Write us!
 Lucie + Šarlota

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