Testing with Lirene and Nivea

Testing with Lirene and Nivea

Two new packages landed in my mailbox. One was expected, a testing micellar water Lirene. The second was for my mum, she won samples from Nivea.

If you like unboxings and you are curious what was inside, continue reading.

There were 300 girls from Czech Republic that received this package for testing. You could have choose a micellar water or a gel. I don’t like using gels on my face, so I chose the micellar water. And luck was on my side, as a lots of times lately.

I won’t restrain you with long talks, I am a nail blogger after all. Inside the package, there was a info leaflet. There was written that the most interesting reviews will be rewarded with a 130$ voucher for cosmetics products of Lirene.

And if you didn’t win, you at least got a 1$ off for Teta drugstores.

Now let’s talk briefly about the micellar water. There is 200 ml of it and it should be 3 in 1. It should be able to clean the face and the eyes, remove make-up, brighten up and tonify.

When I first opened up the bottle, the smell of the micellar water stopped me for a bit. It smelled like Windex with something mixed in. After that I gave that to my mum and she found out what it was. A watermelon! It smells like really synthetical watermelon. I don’t like using a micellar water with a smell and a smell of synthetical watermelon isn’t one of my most beloved. I even caught myself not using this micellar water only because of that smell.

Now, to its properties. It removes make-up just fine, has a little problem with mascara but can’t remove anything water resistant. And it seems to me that it vanishes too quickly even though I don’t use it too much. There is only a half of it left and I have been using it only for not even a month!

Now to good attributes. It doesn’t smart in your eyes and has durable packaging. You won’t break the cap and the bottle doesn’t move around on its own.

In all, I rate the micellar water rather “below the average” and I won’t probably buy it again. I think there are better ones on the market and I will definitely buy a micellar water without a smell.

I had have this post as a draft for a long time and I have to re-evaluate my rating. This micellar water is awful! I found out that it worsen my acne in a really terrible way. Right after I stopped using it, it went back to normal.

Next package was for my mum from Nivea. We don’t now if she won it or they just send it to random people which enrolled in their giveaway, but she received nonetheless.

I have to compliment the packaging, it really looks pretty. There were a lot of samples and a little deodorant.

Nivea as a brand isn’t my favourite one and I don’t use any of their products in a long term, but my mum and grandma were really happy about it.

Another pile of samples! And admit it, who doesn’t like receiving samples?
I like the way that some brands reach out to their customers. There is nothing better than coming to home and seeing a mysterious package waiting for you.
And what about you? Do you like products from Lirene and Nivea? Write it in the comment section, I will gladly read it!

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