Swatch: Trend it up Holo dimension 020,030, S-he Perfect metallics 120

Swatch: Trend it up Holo dimension 020,030, S-he Perfect metallics 120

Swatch of two polishes from Trend it up Holo dimension, shades 020 and 030. They are boating with the holo (holographic) word in their name but they are not holographic at all. Effect is more like duochrome. Despite of it they are nice colors which are on day light inconspicuously. I added here the third swatch, S-he Perfect mettalics 120 because it looks a little bit similar. I wrote an article about my confusion at shop here.

The first polish is 020, which has reflection to green color. If there is low light, the polish is greenish and it creates intersting shade. Unfortunately I’m not able to took a photo of it, I tried a lot! The bottle has 11 ml and you can buy this polish in DM for about 3 dollars.

At the photo I have two coats and I think it would be okay to add another one. The drying is fast, no problem with that. Brush is flat like on Essence polishes. It will look great on girls who don’t like darker colors on nails. The nail polish consists of million small glitters but it looks undone for me. It’s not bad but it could be more better.

 Shade 030 is a little bit better. Reflection is pink. The features are same like on the first one.
 I want to add here this nail polish by S-he Perfect mettalics 120. In the bottle it looks bombastic but on nails, it’s not so good. I needed 3 coats and it didn’t dry so well. Maybe you are suprised that I have so few nail polish in bottle left. But I don’t know where the polish went. I polished my nails for 2 times with max. 3 coats.
You can buy this nail polish in DM stores because the brand S-he is theirs. It costs about 3 dollars again. Maybe it would look better on black base because there are a lot of small glitters. I can tell it’s a little bit colored polish with bunch of glitters.

Lak koupíte pouze v drogeriích DM, protože S-he je jejich značka, a stojí kolem 60 Kč. Možná by se víc hodil na černý podklad, protože jsou to vlastně jen jemné třpytky. Dalo by se říct, že je to lehce zbarvený lak s hromadou barevných třpytek.

If I knew that the effect would be like this, I wouldn’t buy this olish. In the future I won’t buy another polishes from this collection. It is my first nail polish from S-he so I don’t know if the quality with their new polishes woulde be improved or not.

You can share with my your experiences with this brands. See you later at the next article.



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