Swatch: Ruby Wing Moonstone

Swatch: Ruby Wing Moonstone

Do you know changing polishes from Ruby Wing? No?! That is a mistake!
It’s nail polishes which change colour according to how much is sun shining. I bought shade Moonstone from Vinted which has green colour inside and purple colour outside on sunlight. They normally cost about 10 dollars and you can buy them from e-shop (if you live in Czech Republic od Slovakia).

I was worried that the nail polish wouldn’t be working for me 🙈. I really don’t know how it is possible that it changes colour but is pretty amazing.
The nail polish has more liquidy texture than I thought but fortunately it doesn’t leak onto you cuticles. The brush is narrow and long, that’s what I like. It covered well but the drying time was long.

The bottle has 15 ml and there is written logo of Ruby Wing in gold. I’m sad because I have the polish from another girl so the logo is scuffed and you can’t see it 😞.

On the first photo you can see nail polish outside. The colour is more grey than purple but I dare to say if I stayed outside for a couple of minutes longer, it would change the colour to the required purple.

This brings me to the time in which is this nail polish able to change colour from total green to total purple. It’s pretty long! I was expecting a few second, maximum one minute like thermo polishes do but this is different. The first photo is about 3 minutes outside and you need more time for total purple. But there was cold and I was freezing so I didn’t stay outside longer 😃.

On this photo you can see the ombre of the colours where one side was on sun more than on the other. It doesn’t do crazy changes as thermo polishes where one side is total purple and the other is total blue. This is inconspicuous.

Here is a photo when I came from outside to home and the colour transition was different.

Photo of not totally changed polish. It looks a little bit dirty.

Finally picture how the nail polish looks most of the timeunder the artificial lighting. Amazing colour.

I usually don’t have nail polishes on nails for a long time so I don’t want to judge the lasting. With a good base and a top coat it should last for how long you want.
This nail polish looks perfect for people who work in office. Inside you can have nude or grey colour but outside for example a blood red. You just need to find the right shade.

So? Do you like this changing effect? Do you have any similar nail polish?


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