Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com part IV.

Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com part IV.

Hello, today I will show you what I had in the 4th package from BornPrettyStore.com. Are you curious? 😊
I will start with the stamping plates. I chose 2 and again with flower patterns. I just love them 😊. They are plates with ID 39490 a 39489. I looked forward especially for the first plate but sadly I found out the patterns are not deep enough. I will try to stamp something with it but it is hard 😏.

The second plate is absolutely ok and the stamp is perfect. I hope I will dedicate some way to make it stamp because that would be a pity…

Direct link for the plate 39489 here
Direct link for the plate 39490 here

This photo is blurry for the only reason. Flakies, which are in this box are holographic. And as you already know, you can see the holo on photos the best when they are blurry. With the flakies, you receive the little applicator too. But I don’t use that I like better my finger 😄.

I also took this photo outside because the sun is just the best choice when it comes to holographic.
Direct link for the flakies here

And the last product in my package was this polish named Rose in Peril. It is a metal polish which also has a little mirror effect. On this photo you can see there is quite a lot of polish from the bottle missing. This is because I had some troubles with the polish application but about that in next article. You can have this polish for 4$ from their shop and it is one of the 5 metal polish from the collection.
Direct link for the polish here

What product you like the most? 😊


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