Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com III.

Šarlota’s package from BornPrettyStore.com III.

Welcome to next usual article about the opening package from Bornprettystore.com 😊. Are you interested in what was inside?

Beautiful, don’t you think? 😊I even get the colour buttons from Alice as a bonus – thank you for that 😊.

Let’s start with the biggest product in this package. This cute case for stamping plates. It’s absolutely amazing. I really love the fringe as a little decoration.

This case is very comfortable to hold and it has even the carbine so you can hang it somewhere. But honestly, I don’t understand, who would do that… 😄.

Unfortunately, there are two things I must say against this case. First – the matt foils. I think the patterns are hard to see through them and it would be better if there were foils clear. And second – the side pockets for the big plates. When you insert the plate in and you want to flip the page, the plate just slips out of the pocket. I think, if the pockets had opening from the top as the little plates had, the case would be even better.
Direct link to the case zde.

Next, I had this gorgeous glitters. I would compare them to the scales of dragon or mermaid. You can see many colours on them, mostly pink and turquoise. They are really magical. Only one unpractical thing is, they are in a bag, not box.
Direct link on those glitters number 2 zde.

And again, my favourite water decals 😊 This time geometrical. I can’t even decide what pattern I like more. Both are very pretty.
Direct link to them zde.

And the last thing is the present from Alice 😊. For now, I don’t have an UV polishes but you can use them for regular polishes too. I have my polishes in a box and this is the very practical thing that will simplify my searching for the polish I want. They are made from silicon.
Direct link to them zde.

Did you like this package? What would you choose from it?


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