Metallic (un)success

Metallic (un)success

Hello, in this article I will talk about this metallic polish from I will show you my troubles I had while polishing and for what you should be careful if you have this polish too.

Nail polish Rose in Peril caught my attention in the e-shop. It has beautiful colour and it should be metallic with a light mirror effect. That’s why I wanted to try it. Although it took me 3 times polishing until it looked quite good. In the e-shop, you can find it here.
I made not really nice discovery. This polish has some sort of strange chemical reaction with the base coats. I won’t be hard explaining it to you, I will better show you:


The polish was in some spots sorta repelling. On this collage, you can see the 3 layers of polish – from the first (on the left) to the last (on the right). I really don’t get why. However, I tried all of my base coats (2 from Essence and one from Miss Sporty). Only a little success I noticed with Essence – studio nails caring ridge filler. Maybe because this base has a much thicker consistency than the others…

Here is my next attempt without the base coat. This time, the polish wasn’t repealing from anything. But my nails have some ridges and without a base coat, the nail surface isn’t smooth so you can see the lines. And only this look takes me like 4 layers of polish… As I said, this isn’t perfect but at least you can look on it without the cringe.
I am sorry for fewer photos today but I was really frustrated and I even Hadn’t mood to shot this. I tried at least cover the really bad spots with some light design. I used little silver gemstones and plate from Born Pretty ID 39489. Direct link here.

And one more tip. before you use on this polish regular top coat, Try to apply a waterbased top coat first. Then the polish will not loose its mirror effect.

If I should honestly evaluate this polish, I would give it 2 from 5 stars… It has really beautiful colour and the wide brush, so 2-3 strokes with polishes are enough to cover the nail. But I am sorry about the reaction with base coats and it’s general application. I quite like this design but it would be better without the ridges and those 2 unsuccessful trials before.

Do you have this polish too? And have you a similar problem like I did? Let me know in the comments.


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