Lucy’s package from part IV.

Lucy’s package from part IV.

Another package from Sometimes I feel sorry for our postman because I received packages almost every day.

Let’s take a look on stuff I received in this package. On their website is a lot of stuff you can choose from so it took me an hour to go through everything. And I need to discuss everything with Šarlota 😂. So it’s a really long process.

Nail polish Ators is holographic, chameleon and strip able. It came in a nice box but it was damaged a lot. Inside was a plastic bed for the polish to secure the polish on place in the box.

It has really awesome colour, from pink through green to blue. I haven’t seen polish like this before. On this photo, you can see that the polish has small glitter inside and on the sunshine this glitters start to shine with colours of a rainbow.

Isn’t it cool? Two (chameleon and holographic) its awesome properties are real and it’s not a marketing trick. But what about its strip able? The polish is water based, it isn’t without any smell, but it isn’t so horrible. I tried the polish yet and I could peel it without any problem. Awesome!

It has 16 ml, so it’s giant in a land of polishes. Maybe because of that its a little bit expenses, it cost $7.29 and you can buy it on this link. ID #22981

I love Born Pretty because they are trying to move forward all the time. An example could be these covers for nail plates. They change it almost every three months and this design is really glorious.

This nail plate is more neutral. No flowers, animals or anything else. Just simple patterns. Everybody who does nails should have nail plate like this. My favourite pattern is the 4 from the left (or right) in the bottom line.

Nail plate coat $2.99 and you can buy on this link. ID #39483.

The last but one product is nail decoration in shape of a triangle. And these triangles are holographic too. I hope that it isn’t so big for my nails.

Předposlední věcí, které jsem nemohla odolat je tato dekorace na nehty ve tvaru trojúhelníků. A aby toho nebylo málo, trojúhelníčky jsou holografické. Doufám, že nebudou příliš velké na nehty a že nebudou pouštět barvu při nanesení nadlaku.

It cost $0.99 and they have it in different colours like pink, gold or black. You can buy it here
or you can find it under ID #37464.

Finally some good powder. It’s not the common powder, there are small flakies. It should be used with no wipe top coat but I don’t have one yet so I tried it with normal gel top coat and with regular polishes. What do you think, what would look better?

I add a macro photo of the powder. It’s only 0,2 g (common weight is 1 g) and it looks to me like a small amount. I will see how fast it will wane. This amount cost $2.49 and you can buy it here. ID #39677.

That’s all for my package. My favourite is the polish, what is your favourite thing from this package? Let me know in the comments.

If you want to buy anything from there, don’t forget to use 10% off code “MABX31”.


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