Interbeauty Prague spring 2017

Interbeauty Prague spring 2017

Last weekend we visited Interbeauty expo in Prague. And when I this time say we, I don’t mean only me and Šarlota, but also Míša who joined us.
Expo was held for two days, on Friday 21 April and on Saturday 22 April in exhibition ground in Výstaviště. The weather was not good but it didn’t take our smile. It was something else. Come to see our emotions from this expo and all things we bought there.


I would like to tell you one story which happened to me in train. I live in Brno so I must travel to Prague for 2,5 hours. I comfortably sat in the seat for four people and I ws thinking who will entertain me this time. When two girls in my age sat opposite of me, my eyes sneezed down to their’s nails. It was polishes and with nice design. I start to have suspicion. I noticed that they were looking at my nails too. They should! Because on one hand I have Color club Blue heaven and the another one Cloud nine! My suspicion has been confirmed when one of them started read the program of the expo. Despite my shyness I asked them if they were going to Interbeauty too. They were so we started to chat…They were insterested in nails too so they were looking at my Instagram account for a half hour. When I asked them, if they know holographic polishes, they didn’t know. I turned the flash in my phone and girls were speechless. They must have the polish too!
And like this I do from strange people holosexuals. You don’t need to thank me.

We arrived on expo 10.30 am and there were a lot of people already. The most harder part was find each other and hear each other. Because we don’t have option to see each other regulary, we came to change nail stuff too. They are so many things that I will show you it in another article.

If you stopped on the sentence where I’m writing I have two different polishes on hands and you were thinking why…there is a explanation. Me, Šarlota and Míša decided to wear holographic polishes, but we couldn’t have the same shade on both hands.

We were lucky that we have four girl to the group so she could take ptoho of our nails! Big thank you Jolčo!

I, like single one with oval shape nails, look on the photo a little bit funny. And it looks to me that I have the ugliest shades. But holo as holo. On this photo you can noticed that I have so big thumbs againts girls. The Šarlota’s hands are on the left ans Míša’s hands are on the right.
When we met and chat enought, we were plunged into the vortex of shops…

As the most practical thing from whole purchase I find this thinner to nail polishes. It’s from brand Tasha, it has 100 ml and it costs me 85 Kč. It will be very helpful.

Here is a photo of the back side of the thinner with ingredients and usage.

Finally I bought pushes for cuticle in silver colour! I want this thing buy at Enii nails but they have only gold colour so I must returned back to the stand of Nani Nails and buy it there. It costs 60 Kč!

I already work with this pusher and its amazing!

From the other side is this sharp edge.

Only by mistake we stopped at the stand CND. They have campaign buy 1 and get 1 for free. So I must buy something! You could find here holographic polishes and a lot of awesome shades.

Positively plumsy is awesome purple polish with holographic glitters.

On the photos you can’t see it properly…And on the photo up there is its brush, what do you think?

I’m looking for this shade for long time! CND Lost in spice has met my expectations. Like this I imagine sunset in bottle crossed with liquid gold.

Do you like this colour? I do like it a lot! I hope it will have good coverage.
I had strong urge rename this article to In sign of glitter, because we bought a lot of glitters. If you saw two girls on Interbeauty how they lighting with their phones to the boxes with glitter, that were we! Hello!
It was the best and fastest way how to discover holographic glitter/powders. We bought so many of them that I don’t remember prices and brands already. The most expensive powder was the red one and it cost 70 Kč.


I tried to take the best photos of the glitters and here are the results. Green holo glitter for 10 Kč.

Purple-blue holo glitters. 10 Kč.

Gold holo pieces but I found out that the pieces are too big and it don’t look good on nails. Price about 35 Kč and brand Tasha.

Green holo powder, Nani Nails, 17 Kč.

This blue holographic powder has the same colour as nail polish from Color Club with name Crystal baller. This one cost 70 Kč.

My big dream is own red holographic polish but it’s really hard to get them, I bought red holo powder at least. I hope I’m not going regret it!

I remember these glitter perfectly. Why? Because they scattered in my bag! I bought them at Nani Nails.

Well, Šarlota wasn’t that lucky. The irony was, I spent more money on food than nail polishes – In detail for Mix it.

So, from my shopping I will show you closer only one thing. It was the only thing I bought and Lucy didn’t.

My nail shopping in a cube… However the final purchase looked like this:

I suppose, no one will be surprised when I say I was very disappointed… (But I am realy glad for the  Mix it 😂. At least something.)

We spend here 3 hours and we walk throught all the expo. We would rate Interbeauty with less point then for example World of beauty and spa expo.
Everybody were pumped about all the brands like China glaze and OPI but we didn’t find OPI stand at all and at China glaze they have only a few weird shades. We won’t go there next year.

When I was traveling by train home, I noticed that the girls I met that morning were sitting a few seats in front of me. When the train stopped I went to asked them how did they like the expo. They were sad like me because the brands they wanted they didn’t find. So…

If you were on Interbeauty, you can write me to the comment how do you like it 🙂


Lucie + Šarlota

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