How (not) work with (water)stickers

How (not) work with (water)stickers

Warning! Disaster is coming! Lucy is trying to do something what she have never done!

I’m talking about two water stickers and one sticker which I received from e-shop I saw hundreds of videos where they worked with these products and nothing looked so difficult. But I failed at the simplest thing and with time I don’t understand how I couldn’t thought about it before. Let’s take a look what it was to not make the same mistake like me (or Šarlota in this article ?).

If you haven’t read the article what we got from NaniNails you can click here and correct it.

I would start with water stickers and I enclosed the usage which is on other side of the product for recapitulation..

Simple, right? I trimmed and cleaned my nails, polished them and waited for them to dry. At first I tried water sticker with map. I cut the water sticker to small pieces to fit onto my nails, I put it into the water for half minute, stick it onto my nails and removed the paper. But what the hell happened?

Why is it so inflexible? Why it doesn’t want to stick on the nail? What crap is this? I convented an emergency meeting with my nail friends and we started to solve this problem. Did you have it in the water long enough? Yes. Try to polish it with transparent polish first, it will stick better! And it didn’t do anything. So try to cut strip it will be good for sure. Okay, definitely (you can see it on the photo above). But place the strip in different way! It didn’t help at all. And did you removed the paper? Of course, I’m not stupid!
I asked on my Instagram ? what is the problem. Girls asked me if I had the foil still there. I tried to set it apart with nails and pin and it didn’t work. I tried diggin it with scissors if it won’t set apart by chance. But no!

This is how it looked when I pulled it out from water. Just piece of plastic with a picture on it which is not flexible at all. I could have done anything with it and nothing happened. I tried to use polish remover to dissolve it. Nothing! Nothing! And nothing again. What was wrong with it?

It took me three hours to remove the ruined polish and polished it again to try new ways. After that I thought to take it and examine the rest of the water sticker. Of course there was a foil! The problem was that I cut it first. You don’t have any chance to set the foil apart. I felt like an idiot. It’s great that it is the second step in the instructions! But that’s me, I read the instructions after something gone wrong ?.

Problem solved! When I set the foil apart, put it into the water for a few second and removed the paper, I could finally work normally. It’s really sticky and one wrong move is enough to make you start over because you can easily crumple the foil.

And by the way, what are you saying to my new (at this time old) shape of nails?

From the far it is good, right? Because of my non reading of instructions, I unnecessarily consumed the half of the water sticker. Ouch.

Do you recognise a famous picture in these nails? I don’t so much ?. This water sticker is so awesome itself but when you have to cut it and put it on your nails, it’s just disordered colours.

The worst part is when you place the water sticker on the right place, try it out and find out that you miss by two millimetres. And that happened on my ring finger ?. I have to be more careful.

But I like this nail design. What is your opinion?

We come to the last sticker. I don’t see any betrayal with foil here. Remove the back sheet and place it on nail. Easy yeah?!

What is this? I tried the water sticker and this sticker in one day and I thought I’m going to end up in psychiatry. I have rounded nails a little bit but it shouldn’t do such a weird effect. I could push it as I wanted but it had the shape like you can see. When I added a base polish it was worse. I told myself that it wasn’t worth it, so I figured out another way.
If you know how to place this sticker on whole nail PLEASE let me know down below to the comments! I would really appreciate it!

Like this look the final nails! It’s really eccentric but it won’t hurt when you have it sometimes. I was inspired by the nails by Yagala.

The process is a little bit complex but nothing you can’t manage. I used white and black as a base colour, cut out the sticker in the shape of triangle, sticked it on nails (on the ring finger conversely), with black acrylic colour and with thin brush painted circles to hide some left space of the sticker and with dotting tool I did dots. After that I just added a top coat and it was done. So what do you think, are you going to try it too? ?

An unpleasantly story happened to me with these nails. I had everything top coated to stay it long but when I was cleaning my tooth with dental floss, the floss got under one of the sticker and peeled of the whole nail ?.

For everyday wear it is not ideal and I couldn’t wear these nails for a whole week but for some special occasion, why not?

I would end this article with the most beautiful photo in my opinion.

I have to thank the e-shopu, which helped me with these products to kill several hours which cost me my mental health and inventing new bad words. Eventually it went well so if you are interesting into buying these things, the links are bellow.

Sticker with laser effect
Water sticker map
Water sticker picture

And what experiences do you have with water stickers and stickers for nails? And what you think about today’s nails? Let me know in the comments and if you don’t follow us on Instagram or Facebook, go do it because we would be happy about if you did ?.


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