Holy grail for bussy women. Nail polish which will impress you!

Holy grail for bussy women. Nail polish which will impress you!

I recieved these three polishes from our collaboration with Nani Nails. In todays article I’m going to test all these three polishes and I have one shocking news for you! You will be suprised.

Three polishes, three colours. Lately I fall in love in weird colour and this time I chose these three polishes. The polishes are made by brand Nani Nails,

There is quick summary of what the polishes promises to you.

Brown polish from Color line glitter with number 128 and 15 ml. This polish promises you coverage in one coat, 1 week lasting and really quick drying. It costs 79 Kč and you can find it here.

Silver chrome polish from Chrome line in colour 11 with 11 ml. It promises quick drying and great lasting. The price is 37 Kč and I think it’s really good price for this type of polish. You can look at it here.

Green polish from Color line Baroque, shade number 81 and with bulk 15 ml. It should dries fast and cover very well. Price is 79 Kč and you can buy it here.

So let’s go try them if they fulfil their promises.


At first we have here brown polish. On the straight sun it look like brown polish with gold glitters but in different lighting you can find a little bit purple colour.

I commented the bottle in the article, where I was showing you the nail stuff which I recieved.

I can confirmed that the polish has medium density and it doesn’t leak to your cuticles or it doesn’t drie when you are polishing. It has good coverage, one coat is good but I’m used to apply thinner coats, some spots are still transparent so I applied second coat.

I was really suprised by the speed of the drying. On all polishes they declare that it dries to 60 seconds, 120 second etc. and you must wait an hour anyway beauce it is not dry! This polishes promises to dry to one minute but I think it’s extreme so after one minute I didn’t touch my nails. After five minutes I tried it and it was dried! What? I tried to push the nails with more force and no fingerprints left there! Miracle! Amazing!

And the most important thing for me. Did you noticed? The shine? If the sky were brown I think it would look like this. I would love to have this polish in blue colour!

A few photos from light box for you!

Do you see the small gold glitters?

Near the cuticles you can see the purple colour.

I would like to have this polish in more colour variation!

I combinated the brown colour with gold dots and glitters and this simple design was done.
 Would you were brown nails or it’s no-no colour for you?
And now something what I don’t usually do. The test of stamina! I didn’t want the stamina to be affected by top coat or base coat so I mixed it. Differen brands on different nails. I mixed it so  much that I don’t remember what I have on which nail.
I polishes these nail on Monday evening and on the photo up you can see my nails how they looked on Friday night! Four nails and result like this? Awesome!
I didn’t happend that half of my nails were gone (for example as Enii week polishes do), I have only damaged nail tips but it’s because I like to scratch myself. I didn’t apply top coat again and I did all houseworks. What a result, hm? I’m suprised by that all the glitters stayed on their places.

Nails could last longer but I don’t wear nail design to the total demaged.


This colour was unexpected when I was removing the nail polish. Really interesting shade.

I rate this polish very high because it last me longer than every nail polish or gel polish (except Rocklack). Aplus! With fast drying it’s very helpful for women who doesn’t have time.

So you don’t have to decided only on my opinion, I borrowed this nail polish to my friend. After for days she had only damaged nail tips and two another nails strangely blurry. I thought that it’s because she didn’t apply top coat but when I found out what she was doing, I was very suprised that she had some nail polish on her nails anymore! For that people, who don’t know, I must add that this nail polish is not resistent for all chemicals and strong mechanical damage.👆😂

+ coverage
+ quick drying
+ density
+  colour
+ long lasting 
+ application
– bottle
availability in stores


Second nail polish is this green one, it reminds me swamp. Honestly, the colour surprised me because I didn’t imagine it like this.

After two minutes when I applied the polish I unexpectedly touch the polish and it created this awful smudge.

Both polishes have very nice brushes and you can create with them awesome curls.

The second try to polish nails looks better, what do you say to these photos?

The colour in light boxu astonishment. It isn’t casual office red or nude colour, but why not?

Coverage in one coat and this polish don’t do the ugly crust.

I wasn’t in the mood to do some complicated nail design so I just used a dotting tool and added some holographic gold pieces.

On the other hand I did only dots on ring finger.

For me it’s very good result! If you don’t want to ruin your nails with gel polishes, this is great choice.

The final result is the same like on the previous polish. What they took away on quick drying they add on coverage. In my opinion 👍, and if you don’t velieve me, I can borrow you these polishes 😂.


The last nails polish is this one, with chrome effect. Coverage and brush is very important for chrome polishes. It must be opaque in one coat and it can not do brush strokes.

Here is the final result. The polish covered good, so good so you can use it as stamping polish. I already try it and the outcome amaze me. But about that in another article, this one is long enought.

You can see a brush strokes but only a little and you can improve it by adding more coats of top coat.

The work with it was simple and you can have nails like this too.

The effect looks like real metal. They have on stock more shades so you can choose your favourite colour.

I hoped for a little bit of mirror effect but…This effect can create only powders and special polishes.

Do you like chrome polishes? I do!

Finally I found a great spot, on rock, in my garden when I can took pictures of my nail polishes and my nails too  😂. I don’t need much to happiness.

Here you can see there is no mess in the polish.

Now I was in mood for something complicated so I did reverse stamping. Nail plate from Born Pretty 027 and rose gold chrome polish from P2.

I didn’t test the stamina but it’s generally known that chrome polishes don’t last to long. But only for the effect it belongs to this article!

Photo of the nails how they look on sunshine.

+ price
+ effect
+ coverage
+ density
+ no strokes
I didn’t test this nail polish for stamina but I quess it won’t be such a performance like the two previous polishes.

Here you have all three sweethearts together. Did they suprised you?

My favourite is the brown one😀.

Have you tried some polishes from Nani Nails?


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