Gift bags from BP

Gift bags from BP

Last year, brand Born Pretty had a campaign on Instagram that if you share their photo they will send you gift bag which you want in total price of 10 dollars. They sent it to everybody! Here you can see what you could choose. I, as a big nail lover, chose the variant number 1 and my cousin chose the variant number 3. My cousin lent me her stuff for photos, so you can see how the products look in real.
Variant number 3
The package arrived to my cousin after 2 months, tightly before the Christmas.

There were 5 pairs of these eyelashes which normally cost about 5 dollars. (link)

In my opinion the quality is bad. But I have never had fake eyelashes, so don’t listen to me.
 The second thing is this portable make-up brush set in purple colour. (link)
Inside of this case there are 5 make-up brushes, one applicator and one thing for eye browns. I think.
The last thing is this necklace in silver colour. It surprised me because it’s really small.
Variant number 1
Me and Šarlota chose this variant. The package arrived to me after the New Year and Šarlota haven’t received it yet.
It took long time to arrived so I think the post in my country lost it somewhere or forgot about it. The envelope had a lot of damages but fortunately the bubble wrap withstand.
I was most curious about this Christmas nail plate. It’s pity it arrived after Christmas.
On the back side they added tutorial for stamping.
The nail plate contains amazing Christmas patterns and I used some of them in this article. Here is the link.

I found in the package this cute envelope with 10 scrapers.

On the upper photos you can see the cards/scrapers from front and back site. Aren’t they cute? Here is direct link.
Iu was looking forward to this stamper so mch. I hoped I would receive different stamper than I have at home. You can guess. The same one! With black body with reindeer and turquoise head.
That’s all. I don’t know anybody who received the variant n.2. If you want free stuff just watch my Instagram @howtofailyournails. I often share the photos of giveaways and stuff like that.

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