From Trend it up sales

From Trend it up sales

And here are sales again. And I can’t resist them. This time it consists of two collections from Trend it up which you can buy in DM drugstore. Collections in sale are Metalllic dust and Holo dimension. I’m not sure if these collections will end or they will just create new shades. If you know something, you can write me to the comments.

I was walking on my tiptoes around this polish for a month, I was holding it in my hand and I was going to buy it but I always returned it to the shelf. Last week I didn’t resist and I don’t regret. Swatches from Nikysbeauty convinced me a lot, so if you don’t know her, you can follow her on Instagram.

This polish has weird green colour and we named it “swamp green” with girls. It’s not a shade for everybody but it’s fascinating.
I bought it for about one dollar and now (April 8) they are enough bottles in shelves in drugstores, so don’t worry they would be sold out.

Finally I had the option to take photos outside so I grabbed the chance. It’s a difference when you are taking photos on sunshine or under am artificial light. Outside you can discover shades and reflection which you would look for inside for a long time. I think this polish is a good example.

Dark green with yellow reflection? Ingenious!

I own two polishes from Trend it up from collection Holo dimension and the pigmentation was terrible. It was transparent and the colour was nothing much. I was worried unnecessarily in this case. It covers very well (on photo I have two coats) and it dries fast. And the most important thing: it doesn’t leak to your cuticles!

On the full shine it has intense colour which can appreciate the lovers of intense colours like me.

In the shadow it has moderate green with less yellow reflection. I can’t decide if I like more the colour in shadow or on light. What is your opinion?

These photos outside are something really amazing. If I had the option to combine photos from light box and from outside I would do it immediately. But I moved to flat where I don’t have a garden and the option to go outside on street every time I do my nails is not an option, I have bad luck with day light.

Do you like more photo from outside or in light box? Let me know.

I love this photo!

Effort to do cool photo with apricot blossom. Do you like spring too? 💕

Another polish is shade 50 from collection Holo dimension which is not holographic at all. I liked this shade when I was going trough article of new blogger There_siiaaa. I should delete all my social accounts and don’t read blogs because it costs so much money!

Again for 1 dollar and if you are interested it is 11 ml so it’s more than Essence has.
I was impressed of its brown colour because I own only one (now two) brown polishes 😂. This polish surprised me because it has gold, red and purplish reflections.

My last polishes from this collection weren’t good, the colour, the coverage, it was all wrong but this shade is about something else. It covers well in two coats and it has reflections which fits to it.

On sun the polish comes to life. I’m surprised that my phone can capture these reflections. I usually take photos with camera but I’m satisfied with photo which I took with my phone too.

Another angle and I have all nails covered in gold!

And you need a little and you have purple nails. Miracle!

If you hoped that you will have brown polish in shadow you were wrong. It plays with all colours in shadow too.

I post articles with longer time offset so some photos could be months old (but these are not) and I’m always sorry when I see my long nails because I file my nails so often.

What do you say about this baby?

Again on the same place at the apricot tree but this photo is prettier I think.

I read an article that people buy DSLR cameras because they want blurry background. And I can do it with my phone! I don’t have any idea how did I do it but look! And I don’t have iPhone, btw.

In my opinion this polish is the most awesome polish from whole collection. Do you have any polishes from this collection and how are you satisfied?

After a week I bought the polishes before I was going around drugstore and you are right, I bought another one from collection Metallic dust. This time is the purple one with number 50. I  was choosing between this one and the blue one but I was buying a lot of blue polishes lately and I banned them myself.

This polish was hard to catch because it has dark purple colour with a shimmer. And small observation for you. When I polished this colour, I let it dry for two hours and it was really dry and I went to sleep. I didn’t apply top coat and when I woke up at the morning the polish had bruising in it from pillows. I was surprised because it never happen to me. So small advice, apply a top coat over these polishes.

On this photo you can see the colour better but it looks to me that the colour in bottle doesn’t respond to colour on my nails.

Lately, I am trying hand poses with polishes so you can judge my skills. I hate when some polishes don’t have good graspable bottles like for example Eni week polishes.

I bought only these three polishes for now and I don’t promise I won’t buy another one. With coverage, colours and consistency I’m satisfied so I can recommend them to you with clean conscience.

What experiences with this brand do you have? How many polishes do you have and how are you satisfied? Let me know.


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