Free-hand painting fails + tips!

Free-hand painting fails + tips!

Maybe you are asking: what the hell is that? I’m going to tell you. They are my fails when I was trying free-hand painting. Thanks to that how much I was clumsy I created my instagram name: how to fail your nails. Nobody is perfect without training. But that doesn’t mean that after 7 years of painting my nails I won’t be able to draw a straight line. I don’t post every fails on IG/blog etc. because I’m ashamed. So you should appraise it, that I’m going to share with you these fails. I am going to tell you a few my tips, so you don’t end up like me.

The basis for painting straight lines is to have right brush and polish. I personally paint with a short and very narrow brush from Avon (I have had it for several years and it is already threadbare, so here is just a link to a brush that looks similar). Some paint well with a brush which has longer bristles (2-3 cm). You have to try and look what fits you.
Another important thing is what you are going to paint with. You can basically paint with a typical nail polish.

Advantages of nail polish:
+ you don’t have to buy anything special
+ you can use a lot of different colours

– after a while it starts to harden and when you would want to paint a straight line, it would leave there a thread of polish which can stay there and it is pretty hard to remove it
– a lot can remain on the mat

If you don’t want a threads of polish to stay on your nails, you can buy an acrylic paint. At least a black and white one. It costs a few dollars and there is 75 ml of it, so it will stay to rest of your life.

Pros of acrylic paint:
+ doesn’t do the threads
+ if you apply a top coat before applying a acrylic paint, you can easily scrape the acrylic paint after drying

Its cons:
– you have to buy another colours
– you probably won’t use it for anything else

I have heard from Cristine (@Simplynailogical) that if you want to have a straight line, you have to rub your brush with nail oil. I have never tried that, but you can try it yourself 🙂

Honestly, I did this design 3 years ago and it is possibly the worst design I have ever done. You can see a crumpled owl (which shouldn’t have been crumpled) on my index finger. Main flaw is the badly polished white base coat and curvy black lines. I used a pink polish of unknown brand and black nail polish. Maybe that was the stumbling-block. I can assure you that I painted this while being sober. And the paint took so long! Maybe sometimes in the future I will try to remaster it.

This is where I was trying to save poor stamp with painting black squares and save that with glitters. Without success. Not always stamping goes according to plan and sometimes there are just blank spaces. I didn’t surmise how to fix it, so I decided to repaint it. Learning from my past mistakes, I took a black acrylic paint to my hand and went for it. Lines were still crooked and there was not much chrome polish left. At that moment I realised that only glitter can make it better! So I spaced out glitter on my nails and hoped it will look good… There was nothing to save it. Right after I painted it, I took photo of it and I removed it immediately.

My recent painting fail. I was painting an acrylic paint for half an hour. What else to say? You can see the result for yourselves. I line thinner than the other, the one which is crooked… Oh boy!

You have to have a steady hand and that hand should be your dominant hand. Or you can ask someone else to paint it for you 😀 You can also try to lay the hand, so your pinkie would be lying on the table. And don’t be nervous that you are going to ruin it!

That is all from my fails and tips. What is your experience with nail painting?


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