Essence news in polishes

Essence news in polishes

You certainly noticed that Essence changes part of their nail polish collection and Color boost and Space stories collections were added. Last week a new limited edition was launched with name Blossom dream. In today’s article I’m going to show you which product did I buy and which must be your must haves.

I would recommend to everyone buying this polish from limited edition Blossom dream. On first sight it looks like weirdly coloured top coat BUT it’s water based. You can’t buy polishes like this in Czech Republic. And why would you buy them? If you work with pigments or powder with regular polishes, casual top coat would ruin the effect. The powder could go matt, lose its sparkle or crack. With these polishes you will avoid that. It works great with a nail foil too 😉.

It cost 2.5 dollars and I bought it DM pharmacy. Don’t worry about the milk colour, after it dries which takes long but you will enjoy it because it doesn’t smell, it becomes transparent. These polishes have usually bad stamina but please don’t try apply another layer of normal top coat on top of it because it could ruin your nail design. Šarlota has experience with that, her foil on nail just cracked.

Another great thing is this polish with holographic flakes. Essence had this polish in their collection many years ago and you couldn’t easily buy this polish at this moment so I was really happy when I found it in their permanent collection. If selling of this polish will end someday I will buy them for whole country.

It cost about 2.5 dollars and it is 8 ml. I would recommend you going to buy it. If you want to see what it can create, look bellow.

This is how it looks when I applied one coat over black base. The reflections are to green and orange colours. I would say it dries a little bit longer than regular polishes but I would forgive it.

You can decorate every polish you like. I tried it and it looks the best on black or dark blue polishes and it could look worst on a pink polish. I haven’t tried it on white base but I will.

If you are the same type of person like me and Šarlota (like magpie which likes everything which shines), you would not run your eyes from your nails.

When you apply a second coat with a sponge, it looks a little bit like this. The effect is awesome but in my opinion one coat looks better. But it’s only for you, so you now know what you shouldn’t do.

01 outta space is the place from Our of space stories collection is interesting white colour with pink and green reflection. I wouldn’t buy this colour but Míša allowed me to use her photos so I thank her so much!

These polishes from this collection look so awesome in the bottle but when you look closer to the swatches it’s not as awesome as you think.

When you have a white base and apply two coats of this polish, it looks like this. What do you think? It cost 2 dollars and it is 9 ml.

Yes or no? For me it’s a big no no!

Another thing in a limited edition are two nail powders, one with a mermaid effect (on the picture above) and one with a mirror effect. Míša wanted to try this one and she bought it for 3 dollars for 1 gram! The price is really high because you can buy this amount for half dollar.

And they put it to this big jar and it looks like nothing is in there! It’s really bad move. You should use these powders with regular polishes and with their water based top coat. And the final result?

Something like that. Míša told me that it’s really hard to work with the powder and it looks weird so when she polished it, she immediately removed it. And the next day she complaint to me that she found the powder everywhere. If you don’t know Míša yet, follow her on Instagram.

So what polish news are you interested for the most? What you have to have?


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