Essence Advent calendar 2016

Essence Advent calendar 2016

I thought it would never happen to me again, but guys, I won something for the second time 😄. And wow! That was a prize!

This photo of my Essence products won me the calendar:

I received calendar 4.12.2016 (thanks Czech Post… 😑). But I can open more just in one day thanks to that. The shape of the calendar – cube – caught my eye. It was really cool every morning to search for the window from all the sides. If I got it right, there were only the best sellers from Essence in this calendar (pity, it could be nail polishes only…). Anyway, in each window was one product + cute little message from the inside of the window.
That was probably all to introduction and let’s see the details of each day 😊.


What first welcomed me is this eye liner pen. I tried it once and it’s not bad. But I don’t wear eye lines much.


Second was this amazing lip balm. It’s really nice and it smells amazing. Also, it’s quite like a lipstick because it has very good light pink pigmentation.


At first I was quite scared. Like what will I do with it? It’s white. But I discover, it’s transparent, so OK. I really needed powder so 👍.


And here it comes! Amazing nail polish 14 do you speak love?, really cool. Only thing I was quite disappointed from was that I thought there were some special products that you can’t normally buy. But the only difference is the Christmas print on it.


This is one of the things I have no idea what are they for 😂. This is why I don’t have almost half of the products I got anymore. I gave them to my friends for Christmas. I didn’t have to invent special gifts and they will use it more than I would.


Really super name tags, useful. Cute design and they just look great. I used probably 4 but I have the rest of them.

7. 12.

I really like this brush. And that’s probably the only reason I kept it 😄. I don’t use blush, and brush for some spreading make up I already have. So I have it packed and I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t want to give it someone, but on the other end, what should I do with it… And I can’t use it even in nail art 😏.

8. 12.

So another polish – 05 sweet as candy. And I wasn’t so excited from this one. It’s almost nude. It is like you have nothing on your nails… Well I tried it in my Christmas nails here, so I could see how it look. In the end it was also a gift for a friend. You can take a look on the polish itself in the article by Lucy here.

9. 12.

Here I was surprised. Window big as hell and there were 2 hair ties 😄. I didn’t even know Essence makes hair ties. But they are nice and they hold hair well.

10. 12.

Little nail files are good for every situation. There were 12 files in the package, but now I have only 6 😄. Also good gift. By the way, you can see here nail polish from the day 4 😉.

11. 12.

Nice smelling lip gloss. I was quite sad when I decided to give it away also as a gift. But I don’t wear lip glosses much because I hate when my hair gets trapped in there.

12. 12.

Beautiful nail stickers I won’t give to anyone. Really cute. The only thing I hate about the Essence stickers is that the sheet is big (like this one) and you are expecting stickers to be on the whole sheet. But you are wrong. Stickers are only there where you can see them. Cheaters…

13. 12.

I was really happy for this mascara. Not long time ago I runned out of one. Well, I bought new one but I am glad I have one more. And it’s even the type of brush I like and use. Not curved and very big.

14. 12.

French mani set. I have never had a french mani and I don’t even like it. But for sure I will use this set sometime. Definitely not for normal french mani, but something similar to @simplynaillogical.

15. 12.

They became also a gift 😊 This time for my mom.

16. 12.

40 play with my mint – I definitely can recommend that one. Very beautiful colour. But I already had this polish at home so… gift time 😄.

17. 12.

This lipstick is cool. It’s decent and nice. Also the package is so cute 💝.

18. 12.

Again a gift, I’ve never used it before…

19. 12.

I know, I’m repeating myself a lot. I gave this again to my friend, because it’s useless to me.

20. 12.

Good sharpener 😊. I can use it even for normal pencils 😀.

21. 12.

We are almost at the end. I like this polish 48 my love diary a lot. I tried it on my toes and it looked cool.

22. 12.

Another stickers. Useful every time 😊. But the same thing like stickers before. What you see is all there is. Nothing behind the package 😠.

23. 12.

Another lip gloss. I will probably keep this one. Also smells nice. Well I will see…

24. 12.

I can’t name this otherwise other than absolute disappointment. Pardon, but this… 😐. I really hate nude. And I don’t use eye shadows much. But those I won’t ever use 😑. At least I have a gift for someone for birthday or so. Someone will maybe like it, but that’s not me 😆.

So that’s all for today. Quite long article, huh? 😃 Also, here is a picture with all the products that were there.


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