Enii week polishes review

Enii week polishes review

In this article I’m going to show how I tried polishes from Enii nails from collection Enii week polishes. You can look forward to three polishes in black, pink and red colour. Are they good? Or should you throw them in a bin immediately? You will learn in article!

Two of these polishes (black and pink) I received from the brand and because I fell in love with shade Dark merlot, I bought it. In the article I mentioned that I was surprised by the speed of the drying. You have fully dried nails in 5 minutes and moreover the brush is really awesome. It’s flattened and cut to curve so the application is easy.
These polishes you should use with their base and top coat, but if you use other top/base coat, I think nothing happens.
The polishes cost 4.7 dollars but you can buy cheaper twin pack. You can find them on their e-shop or in their stores.
And now for the review! Are all three polishes the same or are they different?

I will start with the polish named Midnight. It is a normal black polish which is good to have on hand. This polish probably won’t be the Holy Grail because it doesn’t cover in one coat. Sometimes you see little transparent spots and for perfect cover, you need to apply second coat. But it doesn’t bother me, because thanks to the quick drying, I wait the same amount of time as I would with an ordinary black polish which covers in one coat.

The polish shines like a diamond and even if you had two coats, it doesn’t do you those unsightly crusts when you apply the second coat and you miss by a little bit.

The polish went to my drawer which I can reach easily. I store there all of my necessary polishes, glues, solutions and so on.

It will be one of my most used black polishes and that is thanks to its brush. Reaching beautifully polished nails with an ordinary straight brush would take me long time.

Pink polish Icon is interesting on its own. I was thinking about giving it to someone but when I found out that it is nacreous, I changed my mind. I am just simply hoarder.

From a pink nacreous polish I would expect it to has a dense consistency and its covering wouldn’t be good. A nice surprise was that its consistency is just normal and it covers in one coat. And I got used to that these polishes do big lodgement and dry bad… This polish certainly surprised!

On this picture you can definitely see how nacreous it is.

But the shape of the polish isn’t that good. It is flat and tall. Even it is 15 ml, it looks big. And the posing with it doesn’t go very well.

A last polish is shade Dark merlot bought by me. I had it on my nails during the training and I totally fell in love with it. It is dark red polish with a shimmer which hides a lot.

The bumps you can see are from my uneven nails. Miss at the training told me to get them filled to smooth, but I will withstand.

If you already read the previous article, you know, how it went with these polishes. I had polished nails with a base coat and a top coat from this collection and with a shade Merlot. And after five days, it was a disaster! Every nail was somehow damaged. So I think that you can use them with a base coat and a top coat of your choice. The one from them doesn’t make any difference.


+ coverage (depends on the shade)
+ drying (withing 5 minutes)
+ brush
+ availability
– price (4.7 dollars) 
– bottle (bad for posing)
– colour selection

If you get this polish as a gift, take it if you like the colour of it. Try it and see how it will fit you. I would rate it positively but because of the high price, I won’t buy anymore of these. It seems to me that the colour selection isn’t good. Maybe trying the white one wouldn’t be bad.

Have you heard about these polishes? Do you have any experience with them? Write me down in the comments!

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