DM box March 2017

DM box March 2017

Don’t worry, I didn’t win this time. And even if I did, I don’t have any points left. This article was written by my good friend Mišule, you can know her from Instagram. I always send her links to cosmetic related competitions but she still refuses that she won’t win anyway. And look! She won DM box! So today she is going to share with you what was inside and you can expect more articles from her. She is more “external” here, for interesting articles which Šarlota and I couldn’t write down. And why not when these articles are popular?

Hi, I’m Mišule and today I wrote article about DM March box.
I participate in these competitions every time but I have won only once, this time. I have a lot of points and I don’t use their coupon codes because I’m saving my points, what if I sometimes win. When Lucka sent me a link to try a luck, I didn’t want to. But I said that I will try it and it worked! 😂 When the e-mail arrived, I immediately start thinking about what I would like to find in the box. I hoped for some nail polish because I’m a nail polish maniac but I’m disappointed from these products so let’s take a look.

1) Garnier tissues mask with green tea, 32g

These masks are all over Instagram and I see them on every social media. I have version with green tea for normal to combination skin and I will like to give it a try.

2) Primeros condoms Black Hawk, 3 ks

So, what to say about it 😂. Only that I would like 1000 more times find some nail polish. DM could leave this out but if you have ever wanted to have a good time with a black man, you can fulfil your dream with this 😂.

3) Dontodent toothpaste Complete, 75 ml

I haven’t tried toothpaste from this brand, so it will be my first time. I like the taste of the toothpastes from Colgate, so I’m curious about this one.

4) Essence lip gloss Shine shine 03

For me it’s totally futility because I don’t use lip gloss at all. I don’t like the stickiness. Moreover there are glitter and it’s old school so I’m going to gift it to my coworker which loves these types of lip glosses and it oddly enough suits her.

5) Balea body lotion almond oil&nuts, 200 ml

Body lotion is good choice every time, this one has nice smell, it blurs good but I’m too lazy to coat myself 😞.

6) Kubík 100% multivitamin 300 ml

I drank it but I won’t buy it, sour + bitter together, it’s another futility in the box.

7) Balea cream soap pitaya & cocos, 500ml

I like liquid soaps from Balea and I buy them all the time, the price x quality x amount x smell from pharmacy is unbeatable. This one smells nice.

8) Sunlight dishwasher tablets Expert, 20ks

I don’t know these tablets and I have never tried them so I’m curious. But I doubt it

deposes the Jar tablets from the first place but who knows.

9) Silan Supréme fabric softener Romance Pink 600 ml

I don’t buy fabric softener from Silan because my favourites are from Cocclino but I like to try this new product. I don’t know how to describe the smell but it’s sweeties flower smell so I look forward how it will smell after wash.

I would say at the end if I wouldn’t win this box, it wouldn’t bother me. When the box will be full of awesome products I unfortunately don’t win so I’m glad at least for this one.

And what about you? Do you participate in winning DM box? And how many times were you lucky? 😊


In my opinion this is the worst box which have been. If you don’t have a dishwasher, boyfriend and don’t like lip gloss, it’s totally useless. I expected more decorative cosmetic and it looks to my, the DM don’t care about the boxes anymore.


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