DM box December 2016

DM box December 2016

I was lucky again and I won DM box December 2016. It’s really possible to have such big luck and win everything, all you need is to participate in contests. It can be you next time because the box wins every 5. participating and you need 200 points on your DM card.

I got the box under the Christmas tree otherwise I would show this box earlier. This year Christmas box is in red colour with green cover with motive of twig with needles. I like the simply one with one colour more. Last year before Christmas I won the box too and there was a suprise, small bag for you! This year there isn’t any suprise.

Some products I haven’t try yet. I won translate everything what was on the list.

Bombus energy bar, raw, gluten free, passion fruit & coconut 50 g

I ate the bar already, I’m not vegan or something else, so it didn’t make much impresse on me.

Herbamedicus Super coconut and buckthorn face oil 150 ml

I did try coconut oil before and it didn’t fit my skin very well and on hair it was disaster. I will give one more chance to this one.

Dermacol Selfie make-up 25 ml

I recieved the make-up in shade 2 and it’s too dark for me. I was trying to spread the make-up on face and neck properly for a few minutes but I looked so stained and with yellow shade I looked like I was sick. When I pressed the make-up from the tube outside it looks like a toothpaste. I hoped when the primer and foundation mix, it will have lighter colour. But it didn’t happen. When I was cleaning my skin I was suprised because the make-up held on my skin so well. I won’t try it again and I won’t buy lighter shade. It will go to somebody else.

Sete di Gelso – Mulberry Silk od Frais Monde – sample 1,5 ml

I’m a little bit upset about the opening picture because there is full package. I always look for the big package and reliase it is only a sample. I’m happy for all samples but not always I use it.

Axe Daily Fragrance signature 100 ml

I’m not a man if you noticed I must give it to somebody else. I tried it but it doesn’t smell good for me. If some man sit on the seat before me in the bus with this fragrance, I will be really upset.

Dry shampoo Aussie Miracle Dry Volume 65 ml

I tried two species from Batiste and I think it doesn’t do so much with my hair. I heard a lot about Aussie, so I’m curious about this miracle dry shampoo.

Aknelot cleaning water 200 ml

I’m so curious about this water and I hope it will work. I tried it and it smells really bad.

Head & Shoulders shampoo Thick & Strong 250 ml

I use shampoos from this brand, I hope it won’t disappoint me.

Balea bath Magic of pearls 500 ml

I don’t use so much bubble bath and I would consume this amount after several years. It’s futility for me. I was sad when I found it in the box.

Balea shower gel Magic of pearls 250 ml

Shower gel, great, right?

There are two photos of everything in the box. I took the photos with mobile phone so sorry for the quality of the pictures.

I almost foget to tell you that there was a fragrand bag from Aussie and it smelled penetratingly that I could smell the fragrand from all products which was in the box. Is it advantage or disadvantage?

And that’s all what was in the box. I’m happy that I won this box. Have you ever win some DM box? Were you satisfied? Let me know.


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