Collection Superheroes second time

Collection Superheroes second time

This nail polishes should have been mine but girl who sold them via Vinted was from Prague, Šarlota went to pick them up for me and she kept them for several months and tested them. Finally they are mine and I can show you more swatches and tell you my opinion about them.
Maybe you are asking why am I doing an article about old collection which you can’t buy anymore. It’s because this collection has the most interesting effects and finishes from all collection from Essence. There is polish with holographic effect, with liquid gold or sand effect and you can find there oil slick or even thermo effect nail polishes! And that’s amazing! So you can see how can this brand produce these effect polishes and if they will have new collection with these effect, you can decide if it’s worth it.

I was so pumped up about this polish, Super man! with holographic effect. I hoped for the real holo effect but it turned out just to be a silver polish with not so much holographic glitters.

On this photo you can really see, how much holographic it is – not at all. But I’m glad for the glitter, better than nothing.

I don’t have much to say about polishes from Essence because they are the same, they differ only in colour and coverage abilities. This polish covers really well but it looks to me that you can see the strokes with brushes.

From far it looks, I will say it ugly, disgustingly. Silver polish with weird smithereens inside.

When you shine light on it with a phone, it looks better. In bottle it looks so amazing but it’s a big scam and I always fall for it!

I would recommend wearing this polish only in summer because in winter it wouldn’t be so pretty.

For creating some designs, it will be fine but I don’t see it for one polish wear. What do you think?

I totally forgot about this polish so I didn’t expect anything. Power girl has oil slick effect.

It has purple colour and on the photo above you can see reflection to green, yellow and red.

On nails all the reflections hid but maybe I could resurrect them on sun.

The polish really surprised me and I’m going to place this effect to my favourite ones. I was sceptical about nail polish number 29 with the name #parade with the same effect but now it is one of my favourite polishes.

I added photo for comparison. Isn’t it beautiful? Do you know about other polishes with this effect?

You can see the strokes but in this case I think it’s pretty.

Really awesome blue colour!

Maybe I could combine this polish with the green one. What do you think?

Another disappointment was in form of Wonder wow man! in gold colour. I hoped for better effect, like real liquid gold and this is not close at all.

It is light, boring and faded. I was expecting something else.

My another try for better hand posing. It pretty holds there, right?

I’m glad that I can stamp with this polish because I don’t know how I would use it when I love silver more.

I don’t have the rest of the collection but I hope I will have enough luck to buy the polish with the thermo effect. My favourite polish is the blue one for now.

And what about you? Do you have polishes from this collection or have you even heard something about it?


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