Christmas themed nails

Christmas themed nails

Some Christmas vibe for you! 🙂 What nail art are you going to have on Christmas?
I used nails polish from Miss sporty Oh my glem 01, it covers in 2 coat. I stamped motives from small Christmas nail plate. On ring finger is a little angel who plays on flute (maybe) and on point finger is a bell. On the rest of the nails are stars surrounded by little squares, that should represent sparkle which the stars give.

Here is a lot of motives and I understand that it’s not for everybody.

Snowflakes can not miss. I used nail polish from Gabrielly Salvete Circus forever 6 and it doesn’t cover well. I chose snowflakes from all of my nail plates, I transfered them from a nail plate to the stamper, polished it with transparent nail polish and after it dried, I sticked these stickers on nail.

Day after I polished this nails, it started snowing. Is it a sign? Let’s go do snowflakes nails, everyone.

A little bit less Christmas-y but I think it fits here well. Owls design! I used nail polish Claire’s Magical unicorn and it is holographic. Owls are stamped from one really cute nail plate. On photo you can see a snow globe which I recieved on my name day. Do you like it?

Here is another picture of nails with owls. Are you obsessed with them too? I’m, since I was 5 I have loved everything with owls. I have earings, T-shirt, necklace, tissues, pajamas,…

So why don’t have owls on nails?

Almost every year I do this nail art. This year it was with makeshift conditions. I forgot silver glitter polish so I was forced to use holographic snowflakes. And I didn’t have white acryl paint, only old dried white nail polish. And top coat? Oh! Don’t count with that.

Here you can see my creation which I did in the past. The same blue nail polish and silver glitter. It seems to me that I had the stripes straigter than now? 😩 At least I’m better at taking photos now. My intention was to create something what would look like windows behind whom is snowing. A lot of people is saying that it looks like wrapped gifts.

The last motive are these red nails with a christmas tree. Not everybody likes significant nails but why not variegate the classics with something Christmas-y? I used my new nails polish Essie After sex 486. Despite the name, I think the colour is the true Christmas one.

Unfortunately when I did this nails I didn’t have a top coat. And that’s the reason why you can see my home-made sticker. If I have used it, you wouldn’t see it.

That’s all from this article. Let me know what nails polish is the best for Christmas according to you 😊.


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