Christmas delay

Christmas delay

Do you realize that Christmas has already ended? I don’t! The time is flying really fast. It’s pity that nail plate from Born Pretty with Christmas desings arrived with a delay. But that doesn’t matter because I can have a Christmas nail art when I want.

I love this Christmas pattern. I wouldn’t be able to draw it with my hand so I’m glad that I have this nail plate. The red nail polish is Color Club Berry and Bright.

This gold nail polish is from Miss Sporty from collection Wonder Metal and it is awesome. I think the stars fit with it. I wore this nail on New Year’s Eve.

Another photo with this gorgeous nail plate. One disadvantage is there are a lot of small patterns and you must put there a lot of stamping polish.
Photo with a cute nail plate case.

I found this hand cream with scent of cookies under the Christmas tree. It’s from Essence and it costs about 2 dollars and it was sold out everywhere. The cream has pink colour and the smell doesn’t remind me cookies at all 😄.

Finally I don’t have to wait for another Christmas 😄. What did you find under the tree?


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