China glaze shopping

China glaze shopping

Almost every day or every other day, I receive newsletter e-mails from e-shop and one day I could not resist anymore! In sale were polishes from China glaze. And I’m the worst nail blogger in history because I didn’t have any polishes from this brand to that time. But it changed.

I ordered four nail polishes which I picked up in their store. Unfortunately, the woman said to me that it was sale and one polish was sold out and it didn’t arrived 😕. It should have been shade Getting to Gnaw You for which I was super excited because I have only one brown polish in my collection.
I received a paper box with the polishes and on the back side was that it’s only for professional use. So when I have it, it makes me a professional? 😏

On the photo here you can see all three loves together. The shades are I love your guts, Don’t get elfed up and But of corpse. The green and red polishes are from Halloween collection from 2014 and the blue one is from Christmas collection from 2015. It’s 2017 and I finally got them 😂.

First shade which took my breath was this interesting red polish with something black inside. I love it and it cost me 3 dollars and I don’t regret it. I don’t like polishes like “yogurts” with pastel colours and mini pieces of something inside but this one is a little bit different.

This reminds me of strawberries but the colour on nails is more dimmer.

Some people don’t like this type of bottle, they find it not practical and big but I have majority of polishes in box so I don’t have problem with storage. Plus of this bottle is I can pose with it really well but you will see it in an article with swatches.

The brush is narrow and long so you will need more moves to cover whole nails but you have more control with it. The polish doesn’t dry too fast to ruin everything with another moves.

The bottle is 14 ml so I think it will last for a few months.

The nail polish But of corpse I bought for 1 dollar! It’s cheaper than polishes from Essence! And look at the colour! It reminds me a meadow in spring. I will combine it with the garden nail plate from Harunouta, it will look so good!

Spring green with black crumbling 😁. And this polish and the previous one dry to be matt. It’s interesting to watch.

The brushes are all the same so just look at the clean cap before it gets dirty.

For one dollar I could not have let it there.

Don’t get elfed up is perfect blue-purple colour! The polish cost me 3 dollars but it was worth it.

I’m really weird about this colour because I have a lot of these shades at home and I don’t buy any another shades anymore. I totally ignore brown and yellow polishes in stores. If you have any tip for really awesome brown or yellow polishes let me know down in the comments 😊. Thank you.

This time they almost hit the centre 😀.

What do you say about my shopping? How many polishes from China glaze do you have and which shades would you recommend to me?


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