Bubbles on nails

Bubbles on nails

Who don’t want to have bubbles on nails?
We recreated this design from Narmai Nan. It seemed to be hard for us at first, but we encouraged each other that we were going to make it. And we tried our best. Each of us did it by her own way.
My technique was with white nail polish (because I didn’t have white acrylic paint in that time) and I was doing dots with different size on black base colour. With brush dipped in acetone I faded the inside of the bubble. I want the contour to stay. With red, purple, green, blue and yellow polish I drew the contour with brush. If I want do this design again, I would use less colours. On some spots on the bubbles I applied silver glitter nail polish, for the effect 😃. This design was really long process, about 2-3 hours and I wanted to give up. I’m glad that I didn’t.
I was the opposite and I used acrylic paint, because I didn’t want to do this thing with nail polishes. (Please excuse my terrible disgusting nails 😂). As a base colour I used this black polish, you can see on the picture. Then I took white acrylic paint and mixed it with big amount of water. So then I grab with brush this water and made drops on my nails. I let them sit something about 5 minutes and then I dry out my brush and dry with it redundant liquid from drops. After that I left with white circles. Sometimes I added some more white inside. Then I took some highlighters and I drew with them inside bubbles. I think I also used some sparkly polish, to save the situation, but it didn’t really help 😂 The time I spent with this design was similar to Lucy. I definitely don’t want to do this again.. Once was enough I think 😄.

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