Big shopping spree II.

Big shopping spree II.

Hello everyone! Today I has prepared an article for you which belongs to one of my favourites. It is an article about new nail things. This article I combined with things which I received from girls on Interbeauty. You can look forward to polishes, nail plates and even cotton candy for nails!

I’m going to start with the most holographic thing in whole article.

On e-shop they have sales so I, Šarlota and Míša ordered something. This time I chose purple holo with name Eternal beauty. You could see swatches on Šarlotas Instagram.

For comparison how the polish look on different lights.

This polish bought Míša’s friend in Germany. It’s brand P2 and collection Techno chrome. I really like rose gold colour lately 🙈.

Shade 030 bronze cut.

I exchanged this polish for Christmas stamper with Míša. This one has name Ho Ho Holly.

It has really nice green colour with gold reflection.

My first nail polish from Kiko, shade 514 with interesting dark khaki colour.

Here is a closer look to a brush.

The second polish from Kiko in my collection is this one, purple-blue shade with number 522. I have been thinking, would you like to see all my purple-blue polishes?

The last thing I received from girls are these chameleon glitters. Thank you Míša 💓.

With this transparent stamper we get to the group of things which I bought from the internet. I must buy it because my only one transparent stamper stopped to be transparent.

The stamper is made from plastic and it has narrowed holder.

Do you see how much it is transparent? 💖

I received with the stamper this scraper for free but it looks like mini stamping plate. Should I try it as stamping plate?

I learned a lesson so I must buy these Christmas water decals now.

I chose a pattern which I wouldn’t be able to draw on my nails.


Another level of nail mania is when your nails fit to your T-shirt. These roses with this colour combination I have on my shirt…😀

And now nails plate which you can buy it CZ. These ones I bought in Kik for 25 Kč and they are from brand HeHe.

One nail plate cost you 12,5 Kč and it’s the same price like on the internet.

And be aware, these nail plates have a transparent foil on them! So don’t forget to peel them off first!

On the back side are really awesome instruction which will totally help you. You should rather read my article about how to stamp.

I want to try this cotton candy for nails for a long time! It arrived in this cute bottle but it turned out as a very bad idea. I had it everywhere on my desk.

The last thing from this article are these pink glitter and I bought them in believing that it’s powder.

I hope I don’t forget on something but if I do, you will see it in another article. I hope you enjoy this article and if you like something, you can write me and I will try to find the direct links.

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