Balea Advent calendar 2016

Balea Advent calendar 2016

Since childhood I have loved advent calendars. I belong to that people who honestly opens one box per day so I was really happy when I got advent calendar from Balea. You could have bought it in DM drogerie for 16 dollars. And do you want to know what was inside?

I’m not going to take it day after day because I don’t remember it but I enclosed the list on the end of this article. I haven’t tried all products yet and some of them are consumed

I would start with this beautiful harmonious three. On the package is writter “Sterneschweif”, so they should smell the same. It should be smell of white blossoms and berries of a açaí palm. But every product smells a little bit different. The smells are relaxing and I like them. One disadvantage of the shower gel is that the smell doesn’t last so long..

Shampoo sternenschweif, 50 ml
Creme shower gel, 50 ml
Bubble bath, 50 ml

Going-on of this collection. The strongest smell has this hand cream. Isn’t this design just amazing? And I hate purple, so it’s big compliment.

Hand cream, 30 ml
Face mask, 2×8 ml
Body butter, 20 ml

Cleaning gel works really well and I’m thinking about buying full package of it.

Cleaning gel, 20 ml
After shave gel, 50 ml
Hand cream, 30 ml

The best vanille smell but it doesn’t last long.

Creme shower gel, 50 ml
Body milk, 50 ml
Shampoo with vanille and almond oil, 50 ml

I’m really curious about these things for hair because hair products from this brand suits me. The lipbalm is so good!

Hair repair cure, 20 ml
Lipbalm, 4,8 g
Repair shampoo, 50 ml

I have been trying the creams a few days in row and it’s true I’m still young but I saw a little bit improvement of my skin. I tried the skin ampuls with ligting cure too and they are good.

Night wrinkle cream with Q10, 5 ml
Skin ampuls with ligting cure, 2×1 ml
Day wrinkle cream with Q10, 5 ml

I tried the foot mask and my legs were a little bit hydrated. Another things are mask for dry skin and insive care for hair.

Foot mask 15 ml
Face mask, 2×8 ml
Hair cure, 20 ml

Sorry for the first photo, there should be hair balsam from the same collection but it looks so similar that I took a photo of this 😀. The balsam is so stinky, so don’t buy it. The Eau de Toilette smells amazing, like a Christmas, and I want to buy litres of it! 😀

Repeir hair balsam, 50 ml
Soap in the shape of tree, 1 ks
Eau de Toilette, 10 ml

And that’s all what was in the advent calendar from Balea in year 2016. There is the back side of the calendar with all products.

I rate this calendar positive. I like this calendar more than the Essence one. I like to try new cosmestic products and this is great way how to try it. Much better than buying a full package and finding out that it doesn’t suit me.

And what calendar did you have?


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