Adorable Christmas nails

Adorable Christmas nails

Today I will tell you how I created this Christmas design ?
Sadly, I wasn’t taking photos during the process, but it’s nothing hard to describe. For this design I used these nail polishes:
  • Color Club – Crystal Baller (blue holo)
  • Color Club – Where’s the soiree? (black)
  • Colors by llarowe – Gizzards & Lizzards (green holo)
  • Essence – 14 do you speak love? (dark red)
  • Essence – 05 sweet as candy (light pink)
  • Essence – 33 wild white ways (white)
  • Essence stickers – 18 Tribe’o metric (star + bows)
  • Essence studio nails – growth booster (base coat)
  • Essence studio nails – ultra gloss nail shine (top coat)
I tried to get the colours equally onto all of my nails, so the designs match together well. Started as always with base coat. Then I applied base colours – pinkie + middle finger – blue holo; ring finger + thumb – light pink and index finger – red.
For the presents, I used stripping tape. I made a cross and the middle part I filled with opposite colours. After it dried, I sticked the nail sticker in the middle of the cross as a bow.
With the Christmas tree I also used stripping tape. I created reverse shape of the letter V and I added 3 slant lines inside representing chains. This shape I covered with the green holo. I peeled the tape before the polish dried and after it dried, with dotting tool and red nail polish I created Christmas ornaments. And I didn’t forgot a star which I sticked on the top of the tree.
The snowman was probably the most difficult (especially on the right hand ?). On the holo blue base I made one bigger ball with the white polish and one smaller ball on top. With the black polish I painted a hat, waving arm, face and buttons. For its nose I used again the red polish and for the scarf the green holo.
And the last – advent wreath – I created with a dotting tool. I made 4 base dots with the green holo up, down on the left and on the right and then I started to shape a circle. And after it dried, I again used the red polish for the Christmas ornaments.
Then sealed all with top coat and the Christmas nails are done ?.
I hope you like my tutorial and you will try to create it on this or the future Christmas. If you do, don’t forget to use #nailsfromzcech or #nehtyzceska, so we can see your creations.
I wish Merry Christmas to all of you ?.

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