4 cute designs

4 cute designs

Today I want to show you 4 cute and simple designs, not only for small girls! I would start with this flower design. As a base color I used red polish and the flowers can be created with dotting tool. If you don’t have one, you can use bobby pin. Dip the oval end of bobby pin in the white polish and create 5 dots to make a circle. With mint polish you do the centre of the flower. Don’t hesitate to try any color combination. It will look great!

A small memory of summer, when I went for a walk with these nails to the castle, which you can see in the background.

On second design are these cute bunnies! Base color is what I like to say „pyjama blue“, Essence 29 blue bubble di blue. With brush I drew white head and ears (I recommend to use white acrylic paint, if you have one). With dotting tool I drew eyes and the nose. At the end I drew with pink polish the inside of the ears and cheeks. Definitely you can try another face of the bunny, you can draw him whiskers etc.

I walked out these little buddies too 🙂

Gorgeous and simple kitties! For this design I used water transfer nail sticker. You can buy them on eBay/AliExpress. It works like this. You cut a piece you want on your nails, put it into a glass full with water and wait until the transparent part of the sticker gets off of it. After that you take the sticker and align it to your nail. You must dry it up, I recommend using a dry sponge. For small effort, great result!

At the end I kept this design, like for princes! I used Essence 07 party princess and stamp a subtle white design from stamping plate. It is the simplest design from these 4 desings.

I hope you like my ideas. If you have younger sister, you can offer her to do her nails. Or you can do it to yourself! Why not? Write me comment what you want to see next time!


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